Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I experience a Cyber Attack?

First immediately isolate the devices or devices exposed from the internet and other networks. DO NOT SEND MONEY FOR ANY RANSOMWARE without consulting a specialist first and your local law enforcement agency!

How can I be immune from Cyber Attack?

In reality, that isn’t possible. Hackers continue to develop and deploy various codes to attempt intrusion. The good thing is people are habitual and can be patterned and this same principle applies to hackers. If you keep your software up to date and add proper firewall protection, you can ward off most issues.

Which is better Sophos or Other Firewalls?

While each product in mind has a specific portfolio and platform, it is not about being better but to ensure that the product you get meets the needs of your company and the performance levels required to be compliant and safe. Producers are always doing things better or different so no judgement here. Gateway Dynamics will continue to provide the best options for your needs.

Is Sophos NIST Compliant?

In a word? Yes. However, that requires due diligence to ensure that policies are created that meet the NIST requirements. Gateway Dynamics can help you out. Just get in contact with us today for assistance.

If you lack the skilled resources needed to provide additional human expertise

Sophos Managed Threat Response or MTR provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities, delivered by an expert team as a fully managed service. This team takes targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated and complex threats, including Ryuk and other ransomware families. Ask Gateway Dynamics to include MTR in your Security Package today!

If you’re experiencing an active cyberattack

Sophos Rapid Response and Gateway Dynamics can help immediately, whether you’re a Sophos customer or not. Sophos Rapid Response provides lightning-fast assistance, identifying and neutralizing active threats against organizations.