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What is Sophos Central? It is a cloud based dashboard allowing a business IT department to manage and deploy various Sophos products in a single area to multiple devices.. Integrate your Thin Clients, Servers and Mobile devices for each of your users and their own unique protection needs.

This ensures devices connected to your corporate networking framework to be secure and safe while accessing outside networks or while on the go themselves through our Endpoint Protection services deployed through the Sophos Central portal to the end device . This portal will also allow for Encryption deployment along a variety of devices to ensure your data is safe from prying eyes.

With its online versatility, you can be sure that your IT group can manage or implement all the necessary changes from a variety of locations. With Sophos Central implemented with the Sophos Red deployment hardware, you can ensure additional security by utilizing a virtual private network to transmit your data and updates.

Sophos Central is an ideal solution for integrating the best possible cyber security framework for any size business or Smart home need. All your networking security products provided by Sophos will be able to be managed directly. Contact Us today to get started with your Sophos Central Portal and secure your business for tomorrow.


Sophos Central Dashboard

WiFi Expansion

Is your WiFi waning? Do you need to expand its area of service? Have a bad spot in your building? No problem, Gateway Dynamics has the tools and installation skills to ensure your WiFi gives out the best possible signal for all your wireless devices.

System Monitoring

Gateway Dynamics provides continuous 24/7 system monitoring, alerting and ticketing for all your workstations.

Advanced Tech

We provide upgrade services and Network improvement recommendations that can further secure and boost performance of your systems.

Sophos for those who Matter Most – You!

As Artificial Intelligence Expands, so will the need for Cyber Security. Are you Prepared?

Smart Home Technologies

Gateway Dynamics provides excellent Smart Home technologies to automate your life.

Custom Support and Network Design Needs for any form of Internet Managed Solutions!

Business and Executive Services

Design your business complex with Security in Mind. Full Infrastructure Consulting and Installation Services.

Mobile Phone Protection! and Remote Access capabilities for all your Networking Devices for Home or Business!

Complete Mobility

Our platforms allow for complete mobility while maintaining security. Whether your in the office or on the go. Contact us today!

24 / 7 Monitoring Services

Don’t know where to start? Have a sluggish computer? Have too much data to store? Need help with scalability and workstation monitoring? Gateway Dynamics Ltd. has options for Service Level Agreements that can help you manage and ensure continuity of local services as well as configuring backup procedures and protocols that will ensure data protection and minimize disaster recovery time. With our Infracale DRaaS combined with Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced for Servers, Gateway Dynamics Ltd. has what you need to be ready for anything!